A new year, new you and a sustainable approach

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A new year, new you and a sustainable approach

So we find ourselves in 2016 it’s crazy how quickly the past 365 days have gone. January is the month where people will detox, commit to dry January, start a new diet, raid their fridges restocking them with ‘healthy’ alternatives, sign up to a gym, buy some new gym kit and trainers and purchase the latest celebrity get fit in 3 minutes DVD.

How many of these apply to you?
My next question is how long does the detoxing, healthy alternatives, new diet, DVD/gym workout last? Has the new kit or trainers had their first trip to the gym or the park?

As soon as the first Monday in January comes along the healthy new years resolution start, around 70% of the British public will have a fitness goal for 2016. The second week of January sees an increase of foot fall coming through the gym and an increase volume of yearly sign ups for gyms, people will sign up committing to a yearly membership telling themselves this year will be different and they will use the gym on a regular bases.
Alongside, the intension to get fit the ‘dieting’ or ‘healthy eating’ will start. Fad dieting is extremely popular in the UK, there were so many new diets introduced in 2015 and I’m sure everyone will be exposed to many more in 2016, but the truth with fad diets is that they don’t work.
Cutting out food groups, eliminating fat and sugars isn’t sustainable neither is it healthy! Purchasing the low fat products and the ‘healthy’ labeled foods won’t help either.

You need to find an approach, which is suitable and sustainable for you, don’t be influenced or chose an eating approach or an exercise DVD because a celebrity has lost x amount of weight. The reality is most of them have succeed in air brushing their waist to look 4 inches smaller and created a perfectly perky bum by using an instagram filter.

My point is simple don’t follow the crowd; you need to find an eating approach that works around a schedule, which you are on. Not everyone has the luxury staying at home spending countless hours preparing or cooking their meals and fairly enough it’s not everyone’s choice to stand next to an oven on a Sunday afternoon/evening preparing lunch and dinner for the week.

Making unrealistic commitments will end in an unsuccessful attempt to eat health, exercise and lose weight. An individual planned approached is the way forward; work out how many days you can realistically workout around your lifestyle/working schedule.
Motivation and commitment go out the window when targets are deemed as unrealistic and unachievable.

Here are a few of my New Years tips to help you with sustainable weight loss and exercise

1) Don’t look for a quick fix approach
2) Make a plan which fits around your schedule
3) Set realistic goals- They need to be challenging but achievable
4) Be in control
5) Don’t eliminate food groups and make drastic changes- this will only result in failure and it’s not realistic.
6) Avoid fad diets…. They don’t work!!
7) Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy
8) Small changes of just down sizing portions at lunch and dinner could make a big difference.
9) Throw away the scales- Don’t get obsessed and fixated with your weight
10) Avoid processed foods
11) Don’t be afraid of eating healthy fat
12) If you have a bad day don’t give up keep challenging yourself
13) Don’t skip meals
14) Drink Plenty of water
15) Introduce HIIT (High intensity interval training) into your exercise program
16) Don’t avoid resistance training
17) Train with a buddy
18) Vary training sessions
19) Make training sessions fun so you feel motivated for the next one
20) Don’t be afraid to exercise just in case someone sees’ you. Always remember you’re exercising for yourself not anyone else!

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