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Pregnancy and Running

As I’m sat here typing away I’m 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Where the hell has time gone? January seems so far gone. I was extremely open at the beginning of the year telling friends and family members that we were trying for a baby. We had said we wanted to get married and [...]

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Personal Training and Group Session Training

So we are nearly through the month of January and it seems if you blink you might just miss a day. It’s crazy how time goes so quickly. So it’s day 25 of the month meaning there have been 25 days since many of you started your new year’s resolution of getting fit and healthy. [...]

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People associate cardio with running on the roads, pounding away on a treadmill or spending numerous hours on the stationary bike in the gym, climbing the stair machine or rowing for a long duration of time. This often puts people off doing cardio. Often, people just go through the motion if they brave the ‘boring’ [...]

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Tips for a successful 2017 Weight Loss

Start the day with a hot glass of lemon and ginger tea There are numerous benefits of drinking lemon and ginger tea. It helps boost the immune system, helps with indigestion, ginger helps to normalise sugar levels helping to lower the effects of diabetes. Ginger and lemon also have anti-inflammatory properties, which give huge benefits [...]

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Fueling through pregnancy

I want to start off by discussing the phrase eating for two What does eating for two mean? There are plenty of apps and website out there that go through stage by stage the size of an unborn baby. I will use food as a comparison to the explain the size of the baby during [...]

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Slimming Clubs

There are 11 Monday’s before Christmas day. Christmas parties invitations will soon be coming in thick and fast, the little black dresses will be scattered around the department stores. Most people see Monday’s as a new start, new me and the chance to start a new diet. For me, I find it interesting how people [...]

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‘Look Good, Feel Good’

Last week one of my friends questioned me about clients and weight loss. One of the most common questions I get asked from friends, associates or family members is what is your biggest weight loss with a client. After, going through a few stories and numbers I always respond by saying it’s not all about [...]

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How to avoid plateauing

Nobody likes to hear the word ‘plateau’ when they’re trying to meet a fitness or nutrition goal. When the boundaries are being pushed but progression has simply stalled. Fitness levels are not progressing like they previously had or losing weight is minimum, this becomes extremely disheartening and frustrating. Most people will experience this plateau stage. [...]

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