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Reasons why you might consider to Detox? 1) Restore energy levels 2) Remove toxins from the body cells 3) Prevent illness or potential diseases 4) Improve condition of skin 5) Restore body balances 6) Boost metabolic rate 7) Kick start weight loss 8) For a need to cleanse the body 9) Re-boost digestive system 10)To [...]

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The Paleo Diet

Paleo philosophy is based around eating wholesome, present foods from certain food groups. The diet mirrors the diets of caveman during the agricultural days. Foods that are allowed in the diet are fresh and no strictly no processed foods. Fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, sea-foods, fresh foods, avocado, coconut, walnut and flaxseeds are allowed in [...]

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Foods to help you lose weight and improve your diet

For a healthy, balanced and weight loss diet incorporate the foods listed below- Leafy Greens- packed full of vitamins Oats- Low GI Coconut oil- Maintains chloestrol levels, reduces stress and helps with digestion Almonds- High in Vitamin E & Keep you fuller for longer Cous Cous- Low GI & helps with metabolism Beans- High in [...]

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Weight Gain and the psychological perspective

We live in a society where there is a lot of pressure to be skinny. You walk down the shopping aisle and you get to the magazine section. Scanning through the magazines you are struck by the beauty and perfection of the models on the front cover. Is this really a true reflection of society [...]

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Exercising and the effects on your unborn baby

There have been numerous studies on women who exercise whilst pregnant. Exercising whilst pregnant is not for everyone and it’s recommended that you shouldn’t start exercising whilst carrying if you haven’t exercised previously. Women who choose to exercise actively which includes; yoga, pilates, jogging, cycling or swimming are giving their babies a head start in [...]

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Common Mistakes that dieters make

Diet Plateau I have recently been reading the new book by Timothy Ferris called ‘The 4-hour body’. There was one section on diet and plateauing which I would like to use to help anyone who is struggling with their current diet. Have you hit a certain weight but just can’t figure out how to kick [...]

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