Smart Technology & Health/Fitness Applications

I have a love-hate relationship with smart technology; anyone who knows me knows I’m constantly on my phone. I’m either speaking to my mum, pestering my husband, conversing on Whats App, checking work emails or using social media. I think I probably lose at least 30 minues-1hour of sleep a night scrolling through my phone [...]

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A review of The Public Health Collaboration Report

This week, the Public Health Collaboration released a report on the guidance of healthy eating. It’s had a lot of media attention and the nation are divided on the report findings. Some argue, it’s confusing and contradicts what we have previously been told, whilst other are supportive of the new suggestions. The media have jumped [...]

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The city life and the effects on exercise & healthy eating

On my run in-between personal training clients this morning my mind diverted towards my personal training blog. It’s been a while since I have posted a blog, but it had me thinking. I’m extremely lucky; I’m able to fit a run in during daylight hours in a beautiful leafy park in London. The majority of [...]

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A new year, new you and a sustainable approach

So we find ourselves in 2016 it’s crazy how quickly the past 365 days have gone. January is the month where people will detox, commit to dry January, start a new diet, raid their fridges restocking them with ‘healthy’ alternatives, sign up to a gym, buy some new gym kit and trainers and purchase the [...]

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A Greener Healthier Diet

There are many benefits of having a diet, which includes Green vegetables. In particular, leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals that can help the immune system fight phytochemicals. If your goal is specifically weight loss then increasing your green intake is essential, green vegetables are high in fiber, which will help to control [...]

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Baby Weight

In today's society, there is an obsession with the way in which we look and, in particular, a lot of new mums feel extremely pressurised to get back into shape quickly. Do you often say to yourself- Surely, it’s not that hard to get back into shape…. Celebrities ping back into shape after a few [...]

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10 tips for a successful Weight Loss year

10 tips to have a successful weight loss year 1)Have a short and long term plan If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.’ This is one of the best ways of explaining weight loss; it can either be magic or tragic. Without a structured plan, it’s hard to succeed. Each of my client’s [...]

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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Pregnancy and Nutrition Weight Gain Gaining weight can be an issue for some pregnant women. A change to their body shape can be psychologically challenging. For the foetus to grow energy is required, to gain the adequate energy the mother needs to consume additional calories. It’s far too simplistic to say that you should only [...]

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Not sure what you should be eating?

Not sure what to eat? When I first meet with a new client we always go discuss nutrition. I believe that weight loss is 70% down to nutrition and 30% exercise. I would never promote any fad diets to my clients; instead I take an approach, which will benefit an overall lifestyle change. Focusing on [...]

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