Spring clean your fitness regime

Can you believe that we are already in March? Where has the past few months gone? It didn’t seem like long ago that we were shopping for our Christmas presents and preparing for the big day. The shopping aisle were stocked with Christmas ‘naughty’s’ now they’re filled with Easter chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs… Again, [...]

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Hibernation and Exercise

Hibernation is used describe a sustained period were animals shut off and sleep throughout the winter. The sleeping pattern aren't like the patterns we experience, on average we get 7-8 hours sleep a night but the animals, which hibernate, sleep for a couple of months. If you moved an animal during its hibernation period it [...]

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Nutrition Advise when Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding • If you’re breast feeding, you need to eat an extra 500 calories a day (that’s roughly 25% more than before you got pregnant). You need to make sure that you eat well and regularly. You need a diet, which is nourishing for both you and your baby. • Take a vitamin D [...]

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New Years Resolution Weight Loss Tips

Did you get in a rut in 2012? Did you start a new diet and exercise regime each Monday and by Wednesday the words, which would come out of your mouth 'I will start again on Monday?' Each time you jumped on the scale did you find extra weight gain? Did you lack structure, commitment [...]

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Christmas Dinner & Diets

The festive period can be difficult for everyone. The temptation to have just one sweet leads to ten sweets and one glass of wine leads to five or six. Before you know it you have consumed your recommended daily calorie allowance before christmas dinner is served. Here are some tips and calorie break down of [...]

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Pregnancy & Exercise Quick Tips

Pregnancy & Exercise Quick Tips Pre Natal •After the first trimester you need to start strengthen the back. Due to the additional weight from the baby it’s inevitable that your posture will be affected. •Why not get a resistance band and start working those back muscles! •Start incorporating pelvic tilt exercises •Go for Low resistance [...]

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Healthy Snacks

Choosing the right snacks throughout the day can be challenging. The easy and quick options whilst sitting at the work desk or sitting on the sofa would be; biscuits, chocolate or crisp. Does this sound familiar? Why not swap those high in fat and calorie fulled snacks for a healthier option. Below are a list [...]

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Exercise & Pregnancy

If you have just found out that you are pregnant and not sure whether you are allowed to exercise then carry on reading……. ACOG (2002) states that women who are healthy and pregnant can exercise like a normal person. The recommendation is 30 minutes plus of moderate exercise. Exercise can be conducted once a week [...]

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Nutrition Guidance Part 2

Foods to be aware of due to a higher risks of food poisoning and parasites. Pate & soft/blue cheese- opt for cottage cheese or cheddar Raw eggs & poultry-  avoid buying chilled pre chicken, raw mayonnaise or chocolate mousse. Raw shellfish & sushi Green or sprouting potatoes Peanuts Liver- Risk because it has a high [...]

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Nutrition Guidance during pregnancy part 1

Vitamins are vital. Vitamin B, C & K need to be replenishing daily Vitamin A, D & E are fat soluable which are stored in our body. We need to keep the levels maintained but they are not as important as the water soluables; B, C & K vitamins. Vitamin A-  Vital for growth of [...]

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