People associate cardio with running on the roads, pounding away on a treadmill or spending numerous hours on the stationary bike in the gym, climbing the stair machine or rowing for a long duration of time. This often puts people off doing cardio. Often, people just go through the motion if they brave the ‘boring’ cardio equipment in the gym.

Cardio is important for burning calories and fat it shouldn’t be neglected when people are trying to lose weight. However, I would advise that people shouldn’t just focus on cardio, and especially not just steady state cardio. A positive mindset needs to be taken when including cardio into your workout regime. Cardio exercises can include any exercises that raise the heart rate.

If weight loss is the goal cardio needs to be included. To get maximum results from cardio I would suggest 20/30 minutes of your workout should be dominated by cardio exercises.
I would suggest this should be done through intervals. Intervals are a short burst of HARD WORK. This would be 80/90% of maximum effort with short rest recoveries. For example 20 seconds of hard work, with 10 seconds recovery, 5×30 seconds on the cross trainer with 15 seconds active recovery, 5 rounds of 100 skips with 30 seconds recovery.
The intervals will keep the session varied, enjoyable and most importantly burn more calories and more fat than a steady 30 minutes worth of continuous effort.
This method is extremely effective, and it will help transform your body!

Resistant training can also get the heart pumping and can be part of people’s cardio training. Lifting weights, using resistant bands, swinging kettlebells, and powerbags are just as effective as pounding the treadmills or pedalling away on the stationary bike.

Boxing is another fantastic way to include cardio into a workout. Within minutes of punching away, the body will be screaming with sweat and the heart rate will be going through the roof. You never see an unfit boxer, and there is a reason for this. It’s fun but very tough. It’s also perfect for toning the upper body.

20 Cardio exercises that will get the heart rate high, make you sweat and burn calories

2)Lunge Jumps
3)Kettlebell Swings
4)Jumping Jacks
5)Wall Sit- Holding a 5kg Powerbag or 5kg weights on your legs adding extra weight
6)Spotty Dogs
7)Squat Thrusts
8)Mountain Climbers
9)High Knees using TRX
10)Slam Ball Slam Downs
11)Dumbbell Punches
12)Plank to Knee Taps
13)Skater Jumps
14)Step Up’s
15)Squat Jumps
16)Box Jumps
17)Squat Jump Rotations
19)Punch out’s using dumbbells
20)Tuck Jumps

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