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Christmas Dinner & Diets

The festive period can be difficult for everyone. The temptation to have just one sweet leads to ten sweets and one glass of wine leads to five or six. Before you know it you have consumed your recommended daily calorie allowance before christmas dinner is served.

Here are some tips and calorie break down of some foods you might consume on Christmas day.

•Make sure you eat breakfast- Try to have a breakfast, which fills you up. For a high protein breakfast have spinach, poached eggs and mushrooms or replace the eggs with a juicy piece of Salmon.
•Change your way of thinking; instead of avoiding breakfast so you can ‘pig out’ at the Christmas dinner make sure you have breakfast.
•By filling fuller this will help you to avoid picking at the box of quality streets and selection boxes.

On an average how many Calories do you think are consumed on Christmas Day??

6000 calories is the average. This is 2/3 times the amount of the RDA for an adult.

Ways to cut those unnecessary calories

•Fill your plate with steamed vegetables, this will make your plate look fuller and you won’t crave those extra calories.
•Choose a vegetable oil to cook roast potatoes
•Avoid creamy sauces
•Take the skin of the Turkey
•Limit the amount of Yorkshire puddings
•If you’re craving nuts choose; Chestnuts or Brazil nuts. They have lots of vitamins and minerals, they’re high in vitamin E and Brazil nuts are high in Selenium. Chestnuts are low in fat and high in potassium. Avoid the salty peanuts they’re high in calories, fat and high in salt.

Healthy Starter- Prawns or Salmon- Salmon is high in omega 3 and has essential fats.


Alcohol has hidden calories- below is a list of drinks and their calorie content

1 small glass of wine- 85 kcal
Champagne 175ml- 133 kcal
Port- 50ml- 98 kcal
White wine 175ml- 130-186 kcal
Barcardi & coke single- 125 kcal
Jack Daniels & coke single- 129 kcal
Vodak & Mixer single- 50/130 kcal* depends on mixer
Alcopops- 90-210 kcal* depends on brand/size
Beer- 130-210 kcal* depends on brand

Snacking- Moderation is the key!

If you don’t want to count the calories during the day then get out the door go for a jog, walk or bike ride. This will help you not feel so guilty of treating yourself throughout the day.

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