Reasons why you might consider to Detox?

1) Restore energy levels
2) Remove toxins from the body cells
3) Prevent illness or potential diseases
4) Improve condition of skin
5) Restore body balances
6) Boost metabolic rate
7) Kick start weight loss
8) For a need to cleanse the body
9) Re-boost digestive system
10)To blast the body with essential vitamins and minerals

Benefits of Detoxing

1) Helps cleanse the bowels
2) Improves vitamin and mineral intake
3) Hydrates the body
4) Helps to fight against free radical cells & helps to eliminate toxins
5) Increases mood
6) Helps speed up the metabolism promoting weight loss
7) Promotes the immune system to function more efficiently
8) Radiant skin
9) Improves sleep patterns
10) Boosts energy levels
11) Improves sense of wellbeing
12) Reduces bad breath
13) Anti-Ageing benefits
14) Instead of detoxing being seen as a diet it promotes a healthy lifestyle with long term benefits.

Detox Tips
What to include in your detox-

1) Before eating breakfast have a cup of hot water with a slice of Lemon. This is extremely refreshing and it will help to hydrate the body. It will also help to kick start digestion and helps to speed the body’s metabolism. Lemon’s have a high vitamin c content which will help boost the immune system.

2) Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water (every 2 hours a glass should be drunk). Hydration is essential for weight loss, when the body is dehydrated water retention occurs. Drinking water will help cleanse, flush the kidneys and liver.

3) Add citrus fruits- Vitamin C is essential for a healthy detox. Citrus fruits have a high vitamin c content which helps cleanse and produce glutahoine which is found in the liver. Glutahoine help to strengthen the liver and it acts as a detoxifier promoting it to remove the toxins.

4)Fibrous foods need to be included in the detox. They will help bowel movements, reduce constipation and help remove toxins. Sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate which should be included in a detox. Sweet Pots have a low glycemic index and have fewer calories then pasta, white potatoes and rice.

5) Drink hot water before evening meals. The hot water will heat up the digestive system, which, will help the body digest the evening meal at a quicker rate.

6)Eat organic foods. Organic foods have fewer pesticides and chemicals eliminating the amount of toxins being put into the body.

7) Include Green Tea, Nettle Tea & Milk Thistle. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and it helps speed up the metabolism. Nettle Tea is a herbal tea which is a packed with vital vitamins and minerals, it stimulates the lymph system and helps to boost the immune system. Both herbal tea’s make the immune system regulate more efficiently and helps to reduce the free radical cells.
Milk thistle helps to promote detoxification of the liver detoxification.It ingredients contain a mixture of polyphenolic compounds which helps the liver cells degenerate toxins from the healthy cells.

8) Eliminate caffeine from the diet- This includes; coffee, teas and carbonated drinks. Caffeine interferes with the absorption of Iron which is essential for the red blood cell production (if you’re feeling tired, don’t eat leafy green vegetables or red meat & drink a lot of caffeine this could be your problem). Opt for decaffeinated drinks or herbal teas.

9) Include foods which are high in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps metabolise protein and fat which helps contribute to weight loss. Vitamin B12 also helps with the nerve system producing good chemicals. There have been many links made between weight loss and Vitamin B12.

10) Avoid Aspartame- Artificial sugars or sweeteners are bad news for the body. The chemicals which are used to produce the artificial sugars/sweeteners freeze the bodies fat cells. These types of sugars are normally found in low fat products so before purchasing the product check the food labels.

11) Avoid using tinned foods. Aluminium also freezes the metabolism, opt for home cooked sauces and soups.

12) Eliminate alcohol- Alcohol is filled with empty calories and it has no nutritional value. Excessive amounts of alcohol causes the skin to dry out and in every 1g there is 7kcals, this is the second highest kcal content behind fat & at least some fats are nutritional.

13) All processed and sugar foods should be eliminated. Sugars and processed foods are filled with bad chemicals and mostly have no nutritional value.

14) The vegetables below should help with the cleansing of the body-
Broccoli is high in iron and folate
Avocado- Essential monounsaturated fatty acids & glutathione
Beets- Act as an anti-inflammatory and Betalains encourages repair, regrowth in the liver, which acts as the main detox centre.
Artichokes helps the bile to digest fat

Good Luck with the Detox

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