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Fitness & Toning

The majority of personal training enquiries come from clients who want help to improve their fitness levels and tone up. They’re bored and frustrated with the same gym routine and stuck in a rut. They’re demotivated with what they’re doing and each workout is uninspiring or a chore.

Personal training sessions are designed for client’s to reach new fitness goals, enjoying their workouts, improve their fitness levels and see a body change.

In the initial personal training session, client’s fitness levels are assessed. Each client will undergo a fitness screening, which will show me where their strengthens and weaknesses lay. This helps me build a structured personal training program specific to the client’s needs. After 10 sessions, the fitness testing is carried out again to see the improvements.

General Fitness personal training sessions are based on High-intensity interval training.

High-Intensity Interval Training is where intense activity is repeated a number of times with limited rest periods. This helps create muscle strength and stamina.

The benefits of carrying out HIIT Personal Training

• It’s efficient
• Burns more calories
• Helps promote weight loss not muscle loss
• Weight Loss is generated from fat stores
• Helps increase metabolism

Through HIIT fat burning is increased and more muscle is preserved. This type of training stimulates the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) up to 450% during exercises and 24 hours after the session. HGH is responsible for the increase of caloric burn and helps slow down the ageing process.
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption happens 2 hours after exercising where the body is trying to restore levels from pre-session. It’s suggested that more energy is used during this period when conducting HIIT sessions- between 6-15% extra calories are burnt during the two hours.

HIIT personal training is for everyone, it isn’t limited to your age, gender or fitness level. HIIT personal training sessions can be designed around your own goals and can be modified to challenge you.

If you’re ready for a challenge…. What are you waiting for?