Foods to help you lose weight and improve your diet

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Foods to help you lose weight and improve your diet

For a healthy, balanced and weight loss diet incorporate the foods listed below-

Leafy Greens- packed full of vitamins
Oats- Low GI
Coconut oil- Maintains chloestrol levels, reduces stress and helps with digestion
Almonds- High in Vitamin E & Keep you fuller for longer
Cous Cous- Low GI & helps with metabolism
Beans- High in Protein and low in fat
Peppermint- Helps IBS and digestion
Green Tea- Full of antioxidants
Asparagus- High in Vitamins and good as an anti-inflammations
Tomatoes- Full of antioxidants
Garlic- Good for digestion
Chilli- Helps to increase the metabolism helps to burn fat quicker
Peppers- High in antioxidants, vitamin C and effective digestion
Natural yoghurt- High in calcium
Brazil nuts- High in Vitamin E
Melon- Helps boost the immune system
Watercress- Full of Vitamin B1, 2, 6, C & E. Helps the immune system.
Berries- Packed with antioxidants
Cinnamon- Helps regulate blood sugar level
Avocado- High in potassium and regulates fluid balance
Quinoa- Low GI
Salmon- High in omega 3 and is characterised as a ‘good fat’ (fatty acids)
Spinach- High in Vitamin K
Wheat germ- High in Vitamin E and immune boosting selenium
Goji berries- protects against heart disease and boosting immunity
Chia seeds- x8 as much as omega 3 as salmon
Kale- High in iron

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