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Healthy Snacks

Choosing the right snacks throughout the day can be challenging. The easy and quick options whilst sitting at the work desk or sitting on the sofa would be; biscuits, chocolate or crisp. Does this sound familiar?

Why not swap those high in fat and calorie fulled snacks for a healthier option. Below are a list of 10 snacks which are easy to grab and have many nutritional benefits.

1) 4 Carrot Sticks with a 1/4 cup of Hummus- 100 calories and high in fibre.

2) Peppers with 1/4 cup of Hummus- 100 calories

3) Rice cakes- 33 calories per cake

4) Handful of nuts- Keep you full for longer and studies suggest that nuts will help weight loss.

5) Fruit- Avoid Fruit in the tin because it’s higher in sugar

6) Natural Yoghurt with a tablespoon of Honey- This is a great snack if you have a sweet tooth!

7) Homemade smoothie- Delicious and high in antioxidants.

8) Mini Pitta’s and 2 tablespoons of Hummus- High in Protein which will leave you feeling full for longer

9) Popcorn-300mg of antioxidants and high in fibre.

10) Couple of square of dark chocolate- Full of antioxidants and help’s control blood sugar

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