Hibernation and Exercise

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Hibernation and Exercise

Hibernation is used describe a sustained period were animals shut off and sleep throughout the winter. The sleeping pattern aren’t like the patterns we experience, on average we get 7-8 hours sleep a night but the animals, which hibernate, sleep for a couple of months. If you moved an animal during its hibernation period it would be none the wiser. If someone picked you up in the middle of the night I’m sure you would awake immediately!!

During this sustained period of sleeping the animal has no function and acts lifeless.

If you’re reading this ask see if the descriptions below describe you;
•I haven’t conducted the amount of exercise recommended (ASCM suggest some kind of moderate activity 5-7 days a week).
•Since the summer I haven’t put on my trainers on to go for a jog around the park.
•I have made excuses for not going to the gym.
•I bought an expensive gym membership but have only used it a handful of times.
•I have been eating more food then before and I’m dread going on the scales.
•I made a new years resolution which included; weight loss and regularly exercise but I still haven’t managed to achieve either goals.

If these phrases sound very familiar then you could be described as an exercise hibernator. When animals hibernate they use little energy so their heart rate is very low. In comparison if you live a sedentary life (lack of exercise) this will not help, to increase your metabolism you need to exercise; exercise will enable you to raise your heart rate meaning that your body is able to burn calories and fat.

The conclusion of this article is that the hibernating period is for animals not for humans, you should have a balanced exercise programme which you follow all year round. Exercise has many health benefits; leading a sedentary lifestyle will make you age quicker and there is a higher correlation of heart failure with individuals who lack exercise. Other benefits of exercising regularly include; reducing stress, helps weight loss, helps to maintain a sensible weight, avoids obesity, helps release endorphins and improves energy consumption throughout the day.

Make a positive change from today. Get yourself a good pair of running shoes, warm clothing and start your exercise and diet regime from TODAY!!!

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