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‘Look Good, Feel Good’

Last week one of my friends questioned me about clients and weight loss. One of the most common questions I get asked from friends, associates or family members is what is your biggest weight loss with a client. After, going through a few stories and numbers I always respond by saying it’s not all about the weight loss.
For me, it’s about the journey between the client and myself. I want to make sure clients feel good about themselves, and have a positive experience whilst exercising with me.

This leads me to this week’s blog; I will be discussing the phrase ‘Look Good,Feel Good’. This is phrase I often use with clients when I’m trying to encourage them to meet their body goals

For me, the phrase Look Good Feel Good is a great motivational quote, feeling good conveys to the person’s psychological state and looking good relates to their physical shape.

The mind is a powerful weapon if a client psychologically believes that a body goal is achievable, barriers are then immediately down and they’re willing to adapt and change their eating and training habits. A client who isn’t as psychologically confident will go down a different pathway, where they will need to be continuously encouraged and reminded that the new changes will have a positive impact.
If I’m able to encourage clients to change their psychological approach to their body I believe the battle is half won.

One of my biggest challenges I face with clients relates to weighing scales. Weighing scales can often cause psychological distress for clients who are fixated on a weight loss/body goal. I try to discourage clients from believing that weighing scales are the gospel, as they certainly have a way of affecting the look good feel good feeling!

The struggle with the weighing scales is that clients let numbers control their feelings if the scales don’t read a particular score its immediate disappointment and failure. Stones, pounds, and kilograms shouldn’t affect how we feel. We assume that weight is just related to how fat or thin we are. Unless the scales are advanced, meaning they’re able to show you a breakdown of body fat, muscle, water then the numbers reading; stone/kilograms or pounds have little relevance. I can almost guarantee that any hormonal female around their menstrual cycle will bloat out and gain water retention. This subsequently will affect the numbers of weighing scales. I often gain 2-4 pounds in the week pre cycle. I don’t let these numbers affect my ‘look good feel good’ feelings; instead, I learn to deal with feeling very hormonal and slightly bloated

Magazines, online articles and social media all contribute to having a negative impact on this look good feel good feeling. There is a competitive and unsustainable approach created by the media. It’s all about how many pounds you can lose in x amount of days and they’re numerous exercise videos staring airbrushed celebrities creating an image, which isn’t reality. There is a lot of pressure to look and feel a certain way. I believe all of this has a negative impact on the psychological mindset it will contribute to low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Look good feel good is related to personal body goals. Don’t let external factors cloud your vision! Be happy, confident and proud of your body!

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