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Mistaking- What is healthy?

Sometimes we can be led into a false sense of consciousness by food labels and packaging.

Labels such as only 2% of fat can be very misleading. Take Muller Light Yoghurt. The fat is stripped out of the yoghurt but for the yoghurt to have a likeable taste so the ingredients will be packed with sugars and sweeteners such as Aspartame.
The sugar will increase insulin levels, which will result in energy downers and an increase in storage of fat.

Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bar contains 133 calories and only 3% fat. This seems a healthy snack but once you turn over the label and look at the ingredients you realise that it’s no longer a healthy snack. Nutrigrain bars are filled with sugar, glucose- fructose, citrus acid and fatty acids. All of these ingredients will again increase the insulin levels and cause fat to store in the body.

Dried Fruit is seen as a healthy snack however its very easy to consume you’re daily calories in a few serving. Dried Fruit is also has a high sugar content.

Nuts are a healthy snack but consuming too many nuts can be a problem. Allow yourself just one hand full of nuts a day. They have essential fatty acids.

Peanut butter and Nutella are marketed as healthy. The protein ratio is high in these spreads but they’re very calorific. One small tablespoon is equal to 62 calories.

Salad dressings can be very depictive. When ordering a salad be aware of the salad dressing. The salad leaves and vegetables won’t be high in calories but when adding the dressing it will add extra calories.

Smoothies are promoted as healthy but again they can be very calorific when adding milk, ice cream, fruit/vegetable and protein powders. A large smoothie can contain 400-500 calories.

Olive oil has benefits its helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve your immune system. Adding olive oil to every meal can become a problem one tablespoon contains 119 calories.

Evident suggests that coconut oil can help lose weight. It has two types of fatty acids short and medium chains which helps taking off additional weight. Studies suggest that coconut oil increases the body metabolism by deducing stress on the pancreases which helps burn out more energy, which promotes weight loss.

When choosing snacks and food choices make the sensible decisions and watch out for the promotion of ‘Heal

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