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Pregnancy and Personal Training

I’m a qualified and experienced pre and post natal personal trainer. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with a number of mums through their pre-pregnancy journey and their post-pregnancy journey. Pre and Postnatal Pregnancy training will be carried out in a safe environment in the comfort of your own home or in the local park. The locations which I cover are in the Surrey and South West London radius.

In addition to a pre and post natal personal trainer qualification, I’m also able to give nutrition advice. I have undertaken a pre and post-natal nutrient qualification which enables me to advise and give tips on what you should/shouldn’t be eating through the 9 months. I will be able to advise you on what types of foods of food groups you should be including in your diet post birth too.

Pregnancy and Exercise

Exercising through pregnancy is highly recommended especially if you have been training pre-pregnancy. If you’re in early stages of pregnancy and haven’t exercised previously I would recommend that you chat with your midwife or GP to get the green light before you carry out the initial personal training session.

Throughout, the three trimesters the body will go through many physiological changes including; metabolic/hormonal, respiratory, muscular and circulation changes. Some of these changes will have effects on the body’s biomechanics.
The principles of training throughout the three trimesters will be geared towards preparing your body in the best possible way for giving birth and to maintain fitness levels. This will be done through incorporating a safe and effective training plan that keeps cardio, strength and flexibility levels maintained.
Personal training between the three trimesters will vary due to safety reasons ensuring that yourself or the baby isn’t at risk whilst exercising.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Training the Pelvic floor muscles are essential during pregnancy without strong pelvic floor muscles there could be complications. Throughout, the three trimesters the prenatal personal training sessions will incorporate exercises that will help strengthen the muscle to prepare them for labour. Strong pelvic floor muscles will also help you get back into normal training routine post pregnancy.

Benefits of Personal Training during pregnancy

• Helps to maintain fitness
• Reduces swelling
• Reduces leg cramps
• Reduces muscular discomfort
• Reduces maternal weight gain
• Help lower back pain
• Focus on maintaining a good posture through pregnancy
• Prepares the body for labour
• Keeps self-esteem high

Want to get into shape after childbirth?

Post Natal Personal Training

Giving birth will put the body under many strains it’s important that the midwife or GP gives you the all clear before you’re able to return to exercise. There is a standard guideline that suggests you can return to exercise 6-8 weeks post a natural birth and between 10-12 weeks after a cesarian. This is a guideline everyone is different so there shouldn’t be embarrassed or disappointed if you have left it longer to return to exercise. You need to listen to your body.

Diastasis Recti

On return to exercising a Diastasis Recti test will be carried out to see the muscle separation in the tummy. During pregnancy, the tummy muscles would have stretched and become weakened. It’s extremely important to check the separation of the abs to see whether they have recovered. This will determine how quickly we’re able to proceed with tummy exercises. This test will be carried out in the first postnatal personal training session.

Post pregnancy personal training session will be controlled and an emphasis will be placed on strengthening the pelvic floor and regaining back abdominal strength. High-impact exercises such as; running, skipping or jumping will not be included in the early stages until the pelvic floor develops the strength needed to perform the higher impact exercises.
A sustainable and sensible nutrition plan will be offered to ensure yourself and the baby are getting the correct nutrients especially during breastfeeding.

Benefits of personal training post pregnancy

• Quicker Pregnancy Recovery
• Improved Posture
• Increased Stamina
• Increased Energy
• Increased Weight Loss
• Increase Metabolic Rate