Nutrition Advise when Breast Feeding

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Nutrition Advise when Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding

• If you’re breast feeding, you need to eat an extra 500 calories a day (that’s roughly 25% more than before you got pregnant). You need to make sure that you eat well and regularly. You need a diet, which is nourishing for both you and your baby.

• Take a vitamin D supplement

• Vitamin K- Ensure you have a rich vitamin k diet. Food sources such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are very good, when your breast-feeding you will naturally pass in vitamin k in the milk.

• It is important to have adequate protein intake. A study by Roberts suggests that increasing the amount of protein in the diet increased the milk supply but there is no need to eat numerous steaks and chicken.

• You should be having 3 balance meals a day and 2 snacks.
• Some women experience gaining weight during pregnancy but don’t panic breast feeding will quickly burn up your fat reserves, so the aim is to eat healthy and don’t fill up on none nutritionist foods.

• Opt for healthy fats- mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Healthy fats include canola oil, olive oil, and fatty fish (like salmon) as well as avocados, olives, nuts, and seeds.

• Try to eat fish 3 times a week it’s high in omega 3 and has essential fats


Try and have three Protein Servings a day
• Try and have five Calcium servings a day
• Try and have an Iron-rich meal: one or more servings
• At least two Vitamin C servings
• Three or four Green leafy and yellow vegetables, yellow fruits servings
• Three or four Whole-grain and other concentrated complex carbohydrates.
• Try to drink 3 liters a day this shouldn’t be made up with sugary drinks. Opt for herby tea’s, fruit juice which is half diluted and coffee substitutes (dandelion coffee)

Healthy foods to try

• Berry Booster- Blend natural yoghurt, 2 handful of berries, 1 tablespoon of wheatgerm, 2 tablespoons of ground seeds

• Red Cabbage and Mixed Vegetable salad

• Roasted Vegetables with pesto chicken or fish

• Spicy Lentil & Watercress Soup

• Salmon and salad

• Jacket potatoe with half a tin of beans/ hummus/ cottage cheese/smoked salmon

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