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Personal Training and Group Session Training

So we are nearly through the month of January and it seems if you blink you might just miss a day. It’s crazy how time goes so quickly. So it’s day 25 of the month meaning there have been 25 days since many of you started your new year’s resolution of getting fit and healthy. I’m sure there have been many bumps along the way and many temptations throwing you off your goals. I hope that you have been able to find your desire and determination to achieve your goals so far.

In today’s blog, I’m going to discuss personal training versus group training. What differs personal training from group training and Bootcamps are the number of individuals carrying out the session with a personal trainer or gym instructor. For me, I would personal train a maximum of two people together, whereas a group session I could train between numbers of 4 to 30. The experiences are extremely different too.

Personal Training does what it states on the tin. A personal trainer will train you personally, for example; if you have a weight loss goal the exercise and nutrition program you’re given will be focused around this, you will have a bespoke and individualised program for your respective goal. If your goal is toning a certain area i.e. the bum the trainer will set you specific exercises that will target the area and you will be on the program that will get you the results you require.
The relationship with the personal trainer is like a long journey, they will understand what exercises work for you, and the whole experience is linked to your end result. If you’re training with a friend or partner it’s not just exclusive to yourself. The trainer will incorporate exercises that will benefit both, but it will still feel very personalised. Having a trainer watching over just you or an extra person comes with its benefits, you’re not able to slack off or miss a few reps as all eyes will be on you and the trainer can focus on your technique ensuring the exercises are carried out safely and functionally.
Most personal trainer will also guide you with nutrition, ensuring that you have a sustainable and realistic plan that works around you and your schedule. This has its advantages as the 70% weight loss is down to what you’re putting into your body.
Some trainers offer fitness testing so you’re able to see the difference between week 1 and week 10, body measurements and postural assessments are also put of the packages personal trainers offer. Measurable results are very important to most personal trainers and clients as it shows progressions and will give an indication whether the client is on track to achieving their goals. The experience is personal to you.

Group training and Bootcamps have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. There is many advantages to group training; it’s cheaper than personal training, the trainers will keep you motivated, it becomes very sociable; you meet new people, you have others to be competitive with and you will be worked hard in the sessions. The difficulty for a trainer who is teaching a large group of people (this comes from experience working in studios and Bootcamps) is that it’s impossible to watch everyone at the same time. Picking up on someone’s technique and trying to re-correcting them whilst instructing is very hard. It’s challenging to make the session personalised for everyone. When planning the sessions there needs to be a bit of everything in there for everyone, this can become problematic and not relatable to some people’s targets and goals resulting in not accomplishing the results they aspire to.
With group sessions, you don’t have the relationship/journey you would have with the trainer if you were personal training. The majority of personal trainer are on hand 24/7 if clients have questions, or needs extra help. This is part of the exclusivity of having one on one personal trainer. With group sessions the trainers and the individuals don’t build up a rapport like they would in one on one session.

When making the decision on whether you want to have one on one personal training session or opt for group sessions you will need to take into account what is important to you? If you were looking for a personalised experience, working with someone to achieve specific results than personal training would be the option for you.
If your goal is not specific, you just want to be healthier and get fitter and like the idea of training with others,and being competitive than group session/Bootcamps would work better for you.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages you just need to decide what would work best for your current situation.

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