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Power Plates

I have recently started working for a studio which uses the latest acceleration technology. Before I started using power plates I just seen them as a machine which vibrated….. I was mistaken.

The science behind power plates

Vibration machines have been used since the 19th Century, but the 21st Century was the decade which introduced the power plates. Vibration machines were used in Russia in the 1960’s, scientist Vladimir Nazarov used it to prevent  astronauts’ bones & muscle wasting in space.

The first power plate machine was marketted by Guus Van Der Meer in 1999.

The vibration of the power plates help muscles contract up to 50 times. A normal free weight exercise would only cause one contraction per rep.

With a structured programme you can transform your body. There are a variety of programmes which can be used on the power plates.

Some of the  benefits of Power Plates

  • Strengthens muscles over a shorter period of time- Estimated increase between 10-40%
  • Helps Bone Density
  • Helps weight loss and creates toning
  • Faster recovery from Pain and Injury
  • Helps muscle development
  • Helps mobility and flexibility
  • Helps circulation



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