Pregnancy & Exercise Quick Tips

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Pregnancy & Exercise Quick Tips

Pregnancy & Exercise Quick Tips

Pre Natal

•After the first trimester you need to start strengthen the back. Due to the additional weight from the baby it’s inevitable that your posture will be affected.
•Why not get a resistance band and start working those back muscles!
•Start incorporating pelvic tilt exercises
•Go for Low resistance but High Repetitions

Stretches should include;
•Upper chest
•Legs and Hip
AVOID- Range of Motion stretches especially the adductor ROM stretch

Make sure you don’t
•Hold your breath whilst exercising. Try and establish a rhyme, which suits you.
•Avoid rapid change of movement
•Avoid heavy weights
•Don’t lie flat on your back after 16 weeks. TIP- Great yourself a Swiss ball
•During the third trimester it’s recommended that you do no more then 3 sessions a week
•Avoid leg extension on your back

Average pregnant women gains 26.6 lbs
•11 lbs- Fetus & Placitas
•9.5- Fluid
•6.1 Fat Storage

Post Natal
•Tips- Use a Swiss ball
•Use a resistance band
•Resist the temptation to bang out lots of crunches instead force on specific core exercise to strengthen the stomach. You need a foundation before you add the icing (crunches).
•Lots of pelvic floor exercises
•Nature birth- You can start gentle exercise after 6-8 weeks
•Cesarean Section- Earliest is 10 weeks

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