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Getting married is one of the most important days of your lives. You want to the look a million dollars on your wedding day. You want to look back at photo’s and be dazzled by the way you looked.

I have five years of personal training experience working with brides. I got married in September 2015 so I understand the stresses and the importance of wanting to feel amazing.

Most brides will start personal training 2/3 months before the big day. I’m confident within this time frame I can help you achieve your goals.
If you don’t have this time frame a blast personal training package would be an option, which would include 3 personal training sessions a week before the big day.

Within 4 weeks my average weight-loss with personal training clients on this type of personal training program is 10/12 lbs. This is achieved by a structured eating and training schedule.

Are you dreading showing your body off this summer? 8 weeks away from a holiday?

The beach body package is a must if you want a to look dazzling in the sunshine. A general all body workout will be included within the sessions. A mixture of resistance and cardio training will help achieve the body you desire.

An active winter ski holiday trip can challenge your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Fun and adrenaline rushes should be the aim of the holiday, without a well-conditioned body the risk of injuries, pains and aches are greater. Avoiding, the conditioning work before attempting the slopes is a fail, you can’t plan to fail, but you can fail to plan!

You should allow 8 weeks to get your body into tip-top shape for the slopes. Training focus will be placed on muscular strength and endurance especially in the lower limbs. Stretching is another key focus of the personal training program, there will be lots of sudden stretching movements when skiing down the slopes helping to improve range of movement.

Improving aerobic fitness will help you last longer on the slopes.

Personal Training with a friend or your partner?

5 Reasons why training with someone can be beneficial?

1) Competition will make you achieve your goals quicker
2) Working out become fun
3) Extra Motivation
4) Fewer workouts are skipped
5) Get more out of yourself

Personal training program will be designed to benefit you both at a cheaper rate!