Spring clean your fitness regime

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Spring clean your fitness regime

Can you believe that we are already in March? Where has the past few months gone?
It didn’t seem like long ago that we were shopping for our Christmas presents and preparing for the big day.
The shopping aisle were stocked with Christmas ‘naughty’s’ now they’re filled with Easter chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs…
Again, this period can be very tough for dieters. You need to be ‘determination,motivated and have patients’. If you have been struggling with dieting then ‘spring clean your thoughts’.
A lot of people struggle to achieve their goals because of their mentality. A shift in mind set is needed to achieve big. A clean positive mind is needed if you’re ready to challenge your body.

To achieve your personal weight loss and nutrition goals you need to be determined. You need to keep focused and keep your eye on the prize. Determination is the key to succeeding.

Motivation- You need to stay motivated whilst dieting. You need to give yourself short and long term goals. The long-term goal could be to lose 2 stone and the short-term goal could be to lose 2lbs each week for the next 14 weeks. Having a short-term goal will keep you motivated and on the ball.

Patients- Dieting is never easy. There will be periods were you will struggle to keep motivated. At some stage of a diet you will plateau. This is a normal procedure for anyone who diets. You need to keep motivated and ride out your time. With patients you will achieve your goals. Who said that Rome was built in a day?
It took you x amount of time to gain weight you didn’t put it all on over night. This theory needs to be adapted when dieting; a slow sustainable weight loss is the key.

My Top tips to get you back on track and achieve the spring clean diet

1)Download My Fitness pal app. It’s a great motivational tool. It will help you keep track of the amount of calories, fats, carbs and protein you’re having throughout the day.

2)Get yourself a pair of weighing scales. Most people have a problem with their portion control. By weighing your breakfast cereals, pasta and chicken you will be able to control your food portions.

3)Carry around a bottle of water will you and make sure you have at least 2 litres of water a day. Drinking water will help you fill fuller for longer.

4)Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. During the winter period our vitamin D levels are very low. A vitamin D supplement will give you a boost and help eliminate the winter blues.

5)Avoid using public transport in the evenings and run from the office to your home. A 30 minute jog can burn around 300 calories. To achieve 1lb weight loss you need to deduce 500 calories a day from your diet.

6)Chose snacks, which will help, fill you up. Top Snack Tip- Rice Cakes/Carrots with a tablespoon of Hummus.

7)Mix Cardio and Strength training. This will help you achieve the toning definition, which you want.

8)Eat your last meal before 7pm

9)Train with a partner or a friend. Try and keep each other motivated and set each other challenges. Friendly competition is the key!

10)Find an exercise, which will enjoy. This will keep you motivated and you won’t find dieting and exercising a chore.

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