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Words from my clients

I would like to say a big thank you to Tasha. I unfairly gave her only 4 weeks to get me into shape for my wedding. I lost 20lbs by altering my diet and running a few times a week, but I wanted to lose another 7lbs and tone up. I had 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks and the transformation was fantastic, I lost 9lbs and my dress had to be taken in by a whole dress size. Tasha only made small alterations to my diet, I never felt hungry and surprisingly I had a lot of energy. The sessions were tough, but it was worth the hard work when I had my final dress fitting.

I have been training with Tash over the course of 2016. She helped me train to lose weight in the run up to my wedding in July (which I really needed to, because I could not do up my dress!), including with my (now) husband joining in too. I was impressed with her efficiency from the first session (excellent time-management and planning) and she always makes training fun. My husband and I still train with Tash once a week. Her sense of humour and interest in what her clients are aiming to achieve make her a top PT.

When I started personal training with Tasha I wanted to improve my fitness for a ski holiday. I gave myself 6 weeks to try and improve my endurance for the slopes. Tasha’s sessions were tough at the beginning but after 5 sessions I could see the improvements. The sessions which Tasha prepared were fun and effective. My leg was super strong for the slopes.

After having a baby, I struggled to lose the baby pounds. I was a bit confused with what exercises I should be doing and my nutrition was plain and receptive. Tasha really helped me with planned a manageable food plan and I was able to exercise with my baby in our home.

After a few sessions, i could see the progression with my core muscles and my body started to feel like my own. With regular sessions and monitoring of my food diary, I was back to my pre-baby quicker than I had anticipated.

Tasha was fantastic at helping me get into shape after the birth of my baby. She made contact with my Physio and tailored a programme which was challenging, but within the realms of what I was allowed to do. I felt completely confident and safe with her taking charge of my fitness and loved the fact that every week we did something different.

I always looked forward to her sessions- she was always upbeat and fun to be around- even helping look after my crying baby if he woke up while she was here!

I am now back in shape and feeling much more confident about my body post-baby. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.