The 5:2 diet

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The 5:2 diet

Part 1- What is the 5:2 diet?

Reducing your calories intake radically for a short periods, triggers changes in your body’s metabolism and brain functions that can cut the risk of disease we all fear: cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes

The benefits are also in your body and brain because your body is operating at an intense level to repair cell damaged by lifestyle and the ageing process. The 5:2 diet promotes a healthier life approach. Harrisons argues that the 5:2 diet is; sustainable, sensible and intuitive.

The 5:2 diet is certainly the hottest diet on the market at the moment. This diet has a different approach to most diets, you choose two days a week where you consume 500 calories and then the other 5 days are classed as your fast days which offers you a physical and mental break from worrying about your diet. Other researchers have backed the diet by saying that people don’t feel deprived on this particular diet and that when you give people freedom of what they can eat they simply don’t over eat on the feast days. Researches suggest that people start to adapt a healthier habit without overthinking.

The 5:2 diet is simple to follow, you’re in control. You decide how many days you wish to fast, you’re in control of how many calories you consume. You can workout your own limit or you can opt for the goal based on the average energy needs, women are recommended to have 500 and men have an extra hundred. You also have the freedom to eat whatever you wish, there are no certain meals which you should have and you’re not pressured to opt for protein shakes or experience supplements. The experts recommend that you purchase two significant tools, which will help you, with portion control these are; kitchen weighing scales and a calorie counter book. I would also suggest that you download the free app my fitness pal and use the app as a calorie counter. The ‘My fitness pal’ app has a huge database with a variety of foods, breaking down the carb, protein, fat, salt and sugar content.

Here are a short list of the positive and negatives of this kind of diet

You only have to control your diet twice a week. The other five days you can eat what you want (in moderation)
Fasting for a short period of time will give your digestive system a short rest.
May help to reduce type two diabetes.
Improve cholesterol, reduce insulin spike and increase metabolic rate.
Fasting is believed to reduce the levels of IGF-1 in the blood.

Fasting can lead to less energy, which could cause you to compromise a training session.
Energy slumps through the day leading to lack of concentration.
Restricting food can cause you to miss out the key nutrition’s needed.
Can lead to poor nutritional habits
5:2 diets can encourage vulnerable individuals to have disordered eating.
This type of diet is not suitable for pregnant women, type 1 diabetes, children or people recovering from major surgery.
This diet can only be sustained for a small period of time.
People tend to opt for package meals because they are quicker and have the calorie content on the packaging. Package meals will contain additional salt.
You might over eat on the none-fasting days.
Can have a negative effect the metabolic rate causing your body to go into a catabolic state.
Side effects can include; dizziness, bad breathe, dehydration, anxiety and a disrupted sleeping pattern.

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