Tips for a successful 2017 Weight Loss

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Tips for a successful 2017 Weight Loss

Start the day with a hot glass of lemon and ginger tea
There are numerous benefits of drinking lemon and ginger tea. It helps boost the immune system, helps with indigestion, ginger helps to normalise sugar levels helping to lower the effects of diabetes. Ginger and lemon also have anti-inflammatory properties, which give huge benefits to the liver, and helps enhances the shedding of additional pounds promoting weight loss.

Skipping breakfast can become detrimental when trying to lose weight. People who skip breakfast will snack mid morning, or overindulged during lunchtime as they’re either starving or think it’s ok to have a bigger portion because they missed breakfast so it’s important to have something before you get into the office.

Stop counting calories
People become fixated on calorie counting which often leads to them making bad choices. Low-calorie foods are often calorie dense which leaves you feeling unsatisfied and often as hungry as you were before.

Portion sizes
Portion control is one of the key ingredients when trying to lose weight. People will often ‘only’ eat three meals a day, but what they don’t realise is that those three meal portion sizes are too big. By reducing the amount of pasta, rice, salad dressing you have on your meals will make a big difference.

Include Fat in your diet
Fat is essential for weight loss, it has many functions but there are three which are important for weight management. Fat supports; detoxing, hormonal balances and liver health.
By, this I don’t mean a chocolate bar, a croissant and a bag of crisps. Foods that are high in good fats; Nuts, Avocado, Salmon, Hummus, and Greek yoghurt (some examples) should be included in your daily diet. These foods aren’t calorie dense, they’re full of essential fats that will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and they have many vitamins and mineral benefits.

Try to plan meals
Meal prepping on a Sunday can become a bit of a hassle, but if you want a successfully weight loss there is no getting away from planning and preparing meals. This may include a Sunday evening online shopping with all the ingredients you need for the week or standing over the oven batch cooking for the week. If you have a clear plan for the week, it’s less likely you’re going to fall off the diet train.

Drink plenty of water
The thirst mechanism can often be masked as hunger. Rather than being hungry, the body is dehydrated. Hydration helps advance the metabolism, which will increase weight loss. Dehydration increases water retention if you’re feeling puffy drink more water!

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training
Make sure HIIT is part of your exercise routine. Forget steady state training, focus on training, which will get the heart rate high and leave you feeling sweaty. The great element with HIIT training is that you only need to do 20-30 minutes, 5-7 days a week to get the benefits. This type of training is the best for weight loss.

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