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Start Losing Weight

Tried every diet and every exercise program but still, find yourself staring at an undesirable weight on the scales?

Almost 1/3 (35.7%) of British adults are classed as obese and 20% are classed as morbidly obese with 3 out 4 men labelled as overweight or obese.
1 in 16 adults in the UK have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and there around 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes.

70% of weight loss is down to diet and 30% is exercise.

We come across the phrases; losing weight and dieting throughout our daily encounters. If it’s not working colleagues discussing diet its friends if it’s not friends and it’s not spoken its written in the media.

There are constant contradictions of what diets and eating approaches should be adopted. One-day weight gain is related to carbohydrates, the next its sugar and the following day it’s fat.

Confused……!? This is where my expertise come into place. I have studied nutrition through varies courses, and over the past 5 years, I have successfully personal trained a number of clients through my weight loss personal training programs achieving great results.

Weight loss is my specialised area, I use a variety of personal training methods to help clients reduce fat and drop pounds. Personal Training sessions are based on high-intensity interval training whilst using body weight, free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and stability suspension equipment. HIIT personal training will get the body burning 3/4 times a number of calories than steady state training.

Nutrition plans are also essential for weight loss, clients are encouraged to write food diaries or use motivational apps to track their food patterns. By using these two methods, we’re able to monitor weight loss progress.